****Maturity warning. Due to Adult content, all books in this series are intended for +18 and older. This is a paranormal romance/ New Adult with erotic touches.

Irrevocable Midnight
 Part III

Synopsis: ***Intended for adults, 18+. This is not a standalone novel.

Freedom is something that is easily taken for granted, many never knowing what they have until it is stripped away. But not all hope is lost when second chances are given. As Sasha struggles to break free from captivity to get back to the life that she was seized from;  she risks it all, including her precious humanity. Love has become worth fighting for, even if that means risking all that she is.

The ups and downs of love can be as rocky as the shores, but as the tides turn, Etienne finds that no matter how turbulent the seas, he's not letting anything stand in the way of his new purpose in life; he must save Sasha, even if it means saving her from herself.

The Saga continues as Sasha and Etienne are propelled forward through new family ties and into the line of fire of the most powerful moon of the year, the blood moon. As the cataclysm of the lunar eclipse unfolds, love finds a way to grow anew in the wake of dominant forces moving at a catastrophic speed.

Midnight Unveiled Part II


Synopsis:  ***Intended for adults, 18+. This is not a standalone novel.

He wants her- a beautiful trophy for his collection, but she's not ready to be "owned" by any relationship, let alone one that is against her will. How far will he go tot possess her, and is love powerful enough to save her? Sasha Green continues her journey in this second installment of the Lunar Eclipse Series to find her place in the vampire world while grieving the human life she will be forced to leave behind. Can she find the deep, meaningful love that her soul cries out for, or will fate decide a different destiny for her heart?

Etienne thought his past demons would finally be banished by learning to love without barriers, but when an old acquaintance crosses paths with his soul-mate, darkness threatens to claim him once again. Will a new and growing threat come between Etienne and the one he cherishes the most, or will his hear and future forever be lost?

What Inspired the First Story?

Candid conversations with my friends about love and relationships. We all agreed that we would like to read a good fantasy/ romance novel that was more aligned with real life 'love' issues. The 'boy meets girl, fall in love, and live happily ever after' stuff just isn't something most of us can relate to.

Midnight Bloom

Part I


Forced to police the border between two worlds in an attempt at redemption, a cold and calculated Etienne has purposely constructed an organized existence that focuses on protecting the ignorant. A "chance" encounter with the outspoken and brazen Sasha Green unveils to him a connection that threatens to thaw his heart. Etienne and Sasha are about to be challenged to look beyond themselves and question everything they believe to be "fact" as their two worlds collide.

In this first novel of the Lunar Eclipse Series, Sasha learns of the unusual hand that fate has dealt her and finds herself caught up in a battle between her moral compass and her innermost primitive desires. As she evolves into her predetermined role, she must question her fear against myth and weigh the value of the marriage she's committed to against the fulfillment of the path that an unknown forces is pushing her to walk. How strong will Sasha be under its force and will the profound connection between the two ultimately break her?