Sassy Queens of Design Pricing Guide

SQD ~ Designs, Layouts & Swag-

***Please feel free to PM our Facebook page or email us with any questions you have on pricing or if you would like our full pricing guide. Below you will find a sample of our prices and services.

Book Covers-

E-Book Cover – $ 40.00 (if stock photo is supplied by author)- $50.00 (if we have to purchase photo)

Full PB Cover & E-Book Cover - 80.00 (if author supplies stock photos) $90.00( if we have to purchase photos)

Authors must sign a waiver releasing us of any liabilities if their photos are not Royalty Free

Book Trailers - $120.00 Main Character Stock photos must be supplied by author

Authors must sign a waiver releasing us of any liabilities if their photos are not Royalty Free


Base Price on Logo Sets: $35, price subject to change based on design. 

A set = a Logo Icon small for business cards, bookmarks, Swag pieces & Large Logo Icon –  for Stationary & Totes  - includes transparencies ( if put on to an item will not need blending or erasing)of  both icon in .png format - Individually Priced according to the number of pieces the Author wants

Basic Logo- 20.00 if Stock photo supplied by Author - 25.00 if we have to purchase stock photos - No Transparencies included


We also design:

An array of Banners  for all of your marketing needs

Promo Posters


Custom Packages

Sample SQD *Design Package- 

Includes- 1 E- Book Cover, 1- Full PB Cover- 1 bookmark layout- 1- Release Day Banner, 1- Promo poster & 2 Teasers - 130.00 (Stock Photos Supplied to us)

140.00 - If we have to purchase stock photos for covers &/or Teasers, Banner

Swagalicious Swag:

Pricing varies on how many beads used, the more beads wanted on keychain the higher price. Have a custom swag idea and want to know if we can make it for you? Contact us!

Bottlecap Key Chains- 1.25/ea - 1.50/ea

 Tile Keychains - 1.50/ea

Fancy Keychains - Contact us for pricing

Metal Bookmarks - 1.50/ea

Ribbon Bookmark with bottlecap – 1.50/ea

Bottlecap necklace - 1.50/ea

Tile Necklace - 1.50/ea

Fancy Necklace – Contact us for pricing

Wine Glass Charms -   1.25/ea


Award Winning Banners

Available Pre-Made Covers

The Sassy Queens of Design are an amazing team of ladies that have taken this book world by storm. From their beautiful designs, to their one-stop-shop services, to their amazing personalities, I always feel like my books and all that comes with making them pretty and marketable are in excellent hands. I can always count on them to get done what I need, even on short/ semi crazy notice. They are a blessing for sure! And... they are stuck with me FOREVER, muahahahahaha. ~Kristina Canady

The Sassy Queens of Design are fabulous cover designers. They've done two designs for me so far, and I'll definitely be going to them for the cover of the third book in the series! On top of being such great designers, they're also absolutely lovely ladies! Their prices are are very reasonable compared to many designers. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any author as it's a guaranteed way of getting a beautiful cover to compliment all your hard work! ~Eden Elsworth Author

I love working with Sassy Queens of Design. They are professional, work quick, have reasonable prices and make fantasy book covers! Plus they are friendly and not only work on your books, but help market you. Thus far they have designed two book covers and I hope they can design my book covers for my other series as well. ~Eva Gordon Author

Rebecca and Angel from Sassy Queens of Design are a joy to work with. They've done over a dozen of my covers and they always amaze me with their creations. They are hard working, professional, and very competitively priced, and I don't look anywhere else when I'm in need of a new cover. However, they don't just do my covers, no, they've done trailers, banners, bookmark designs, postcard design, logo design and the list goes on. Stracey also does my swag, creating magnificent and beautiful tote bags, keychains, pins, and a host of other items. In short, if you need anything from images to trailers, keychains to banners, then look no further than the Sassy Queens of Design. It's a one stop shop for anything an author needs, wants, or just plain desires! I will never look elsewhere for anything I need, after all, why would I? Everything they've created for me has been fantastic and taken my breath away on more than one occasion. ~A K Michaels Author

Bookmark & Logo Design:

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