Midnight Unveiled:

So much Brazilian music and Jazz!

Eric Clapton

Bonnie Raitt

And everything from Midnight Bloom's list

Irrevocable Midnight

MC Solarr: La Belle et le Bad Boy

Candi Station: You Got the Love

Song 04: Sam and Smith don't "do it."

Buddha Soul Project: Brazil in My Mind

Leela James

Lana Del Rey

Jose Gonzalez: Heart Beats

Tribe Called Quest

Meshell Ndegeocello

Beats Antique

What the Author is Listening to:

Music is such an important part of my creative process, here is a small sampling of what I listened to while writing Midnight Bloom:

Mumford and Sons

The Lumineers



Florence and the Machine

The Xx


Sarah McLachlan

The Cure

The Smiths

Gipsy Kings